MyTHDHR – Home Depot Employee Schedule

Home Depot is the biggest hardware store in the USA. They are spread all across the country. You can visit their stores to solve any minor home problem—the employee millions of people as the largest home improvement chain. As a Home Depot employee, you have many benefits. The MyTHDHR portal is a way for users to keep track of everything. There are many minor tasks that have become near impossible due to COVID. Most people want to complete their jobs online. Workforces are shorter and rapidly declining every day. The online portal is a great way to keep track of your tasks.

MyTHDHR – Introduction & Brief Information



Huge organizations want to streamline their workforce. The online presence helps in ensuring easy accessibility. MyTHDHR is one such place that helps you with an online workplace. It has all the backend information about an employee. If you are working at a home depot, then you should try it out today. The website brings many benefits. It is an all in one online directory with many unique features. In this guide, we will cover every question about the service. Home Depot wants to keep its workforce happy. The MyTHDHR Portal helps by serving over 385,000 employees.

Steps to Use MyTHDHR Portal:

Every employee should utilize this excellent website. It is beneficial for all of your management needs. If you are a new user, then this guide will help you out. Here are the steps to use MyTHDHR. Follow them to start making the most of your time.

  • You can type the link in your browser or click hereIt will take you to the home page. There are multiple options available on the screen.  These will help you to course through your employment.


  • The sidebar on the left side gives you different features. Here you can select the one which is suitable for your needs. The website tries to solve every employee problem through the internet. For this tutorial, we are going to use the Kronos tool. It is the first option available on the site.
    find options in mythdhr
  • It will take you to the login page once you click on the Kronos option. The section is available only for active employees of The Home Depot. You can log in by providing your credentials. Employees have to enter their User ID and Password here. Users also have to add the store location for easy access. Click on the sign-in button when you fill the information.

mythdhr login

Amazing! Now you can access all the features of MyTHDHR for your needs. We recommend every Home Depot employee to try this out today.

MyTHDHR for Former Employees: Login Steps

Old Employees or associates of the Home Depot can also access the website. It is significant for checking out all the benefits you can get. As an ex-employee, you can receive some gratuity from the organization. The MyTHDHR website is responsible for handling these cases as well. Here are the steps to access MyTHDHR as a former worker for the organization.

  • The first step is the same for everyone. You have to visit the website from your browser. Users can click here. It will take you to the self-service portal of the backend.
    mythdhr self service
  • In the self-service portal, there is a login option for active and old workers. You can find it at the bottom of the page. Click on the former associate’s login to access your personal information.
  • As an old employee, you can log in to the Home Depot account. It has all the information about your past employing. The self-service validation website will pop-up as you click on the login button. You have to enter the old User ID and Password to access the data.
    mythdhr login

Advantages of MyTHDHR:

There are tons of benefits when you start using the website. It gives you tremendous help in many cases. Users can efficiently utilize these advantages. Home Depot is a reputable organization. They offer work benefits to all of their employees. 

It includes full time and part-time office workers in the organization. You can sign-in on their portal anytime to check it out. The compensations are available to give more value to your time. Here are some features that we find to be highly effective. 

1. Health and Medical benefits

The human body can be very fragile as it gets older. An employee is an asset to any organization. Home Depot wants all of its employees to be healthy. They offer fantastic health benefits to the users. You can get free dental checkups and eye specialist visits.


mythdhr Health and Medical benefits

Employees with special needs can get additional insurance. Anyone working at their stores gets life insurance with the job. There’s also death and dismemberment insurances for you and your family. It will protect you from any accidents and mishaps. 

2. Pay and Taxes

No one wants to defraud the government. Handling taxes and your salary can be a tough job. Everyone wants an automatic method to file their returns easily. Home Depot makes the process simple for their employees.

mythdhr Pay and Taxes

You can visit MyTHDHR to make your tax filings. It is also the portal for users to manage their pay. You can receive the money through electronic means. It reduces the chances of clerical errors. A massive chain like The Home Depot doesn’t want to give their employees any payment issues. Click here to visit the website.

3. Tuition reimbursements

The Home Depot doesn’t want to limit your career and growth. They have a tuition reimbursement plan for young associates. Anyone who is enrolled in college or a course while working can access this feature. Home Depot has partnered with several local institutions to help their employees. You can check out more about this feature by clicking here. 

Tuition reimbursements

These are some of the advantages of using MyTHDHR. We hope you can explore more features while browsing.


MyTHDHR is the official employee’s website for The Home Depot. It helps in all the HR management of the company. Any active or former worker can access this service. Through this guide, we answer all of your questions about the site. We hope you can keep track of your work and play.