What is Live The Orange Life Program?

Home depot is among those who always offer the best benefit to all the Associates available with them. They come up with certain programs that allow the individual to depend on them more. Have you ever heard about the Live The Orange Life program? If you have not heard about it, then this sweet is preferably for you.

We will discuss the Live The Orange Life program here in detail so that next time there will be no problem that arises to you in any case.

What is Live The Orange Life program?

Live The Orange Life program is specially designed by whom to deposit for all the Associates available with them. They will be able to have enormous benefits with it. Moreover, the benefit not only includes medical, but they have some financial benefits as well. Therefore, if you are a part of home depot, you will benefit from the benefits available with this program.

What comes under the Live The Orange Life program?

You might be thinking about what hits in this category, then we are discussing the same. But before you move towards it, you need to understand that the benefits depend on the duration in which they are dealing.

The Benefits Available in The Live The Orange Life:

Full time, Hourly, & Salary Associates:

All the Associates who are available for full time, hourly, or salary will have benefits considering medical, Dental Care, spending accounts, disability insurance, life insurance, accidental death, and dismemberment insurance, etc. They will be going to enjoy all the benefits available.

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Part-time associate:

For part-time Associates, the category is quite limited. It includes dental vision, short-term disability insurance, and life insurance. Accordingly, things will get covered.

Other Benefits:

Some other benefits are also available for full-time and part-time Associates. This includes the financial benefit that will allow them to have a future builder plan, employee stock purchase plan, direct deposit and Bank incentive, and so on.

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Additionally, certain group benefits include legal service plans, veterinary insurance, Auto homeowner Insurance, etc. This does not only end here. Certain other work and life benefits are also included, like backup dependent care, team depot volunteer events, tuition reimbursement, matching gift program, care or solutions for life, adoption assistance, associate discounts, tax preparation discount program, etc.

This list does not only end here. There is a lot available for an individual when they are becoming part of it. They just need to understand in which area they have the benefit available, and after that, they can simply support their family without any hassle.


Live The Orange Life program is especially for all those who want them to be equipped with the best facilities. There is no need for them to worry about anything because there are various offers available to them. 

All they need to do is they just need to get eligible for the same, and within no time, they will be going to get access over all the services available. In case the eligibility is not fulfilled, then a user will not be able to get access over any of the benefits at all.

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