What is My Orange Ladder at Home Depot?

For all the employees out there at the home depot, there is a lot to explore. They have the freedom to choose a career according to their requirement. The same is on my Orange ladder. If you have no idea about it, things will become clearer to you after this read.

My Orange Ladder:

My Orange ladder is a platform that allows individuals to plan their next job at the working premises. They will be able to learn from other employees’ careers and research about the job as well.

Additionally, in case they are looking forward to creating career goals, the option will get available. The performance feedback will be there with the individuals to discover in which a specific field they can be ready to implement the skills. Also, after choosing the career goal, the individuals can finalize their plan as well. As soon as the individuals finalize it, they will soon be able to implement the idea of having the same job.


The major advantage available for my orange ladder is that they can choose a department accordingly. There will be no restriction imposed on people to choose a particular job. Home depot comes up with multiple options to allow the individuals to finalize the job according to their requirements. If they are flexible enough to cooperate with them, the administrator at home depot will look to things at his end. After communicating with individuals, they reach the conclusion and finalized it.

The portal also allows them to research according to the job profile other employees are having so that if they want, they can become part of it.

The individuals will be able to get an idea about their performance by having a look at it. Regular information gets updated here, and it allows them to have a chance to make things better.


My orange ladder is a boon to all those new employees and wants to start a job of their own choice. Individuals will be able to create the right reputation and will be able to become part of the network as well. They have their chance to learn about interview tips and apply for the job in the best possible way.

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