How Do I Check My Home Depot Pay?

Are you an associate at the home depot? Do you want to get a clear idea about the pay cycles and the amount you received? If yes, then this read is for you. For all the Associates available for home depot, there are two ways available to receive the payment electronically. The two methods include direct deposit and payroll card. A user can adapt to any of them. The individual available at home depot will do the transfer according to the associate requirement.

The major reason to adopt these because these are hassle-free and no natural calamity or disaster can let an individual face any delay during the pay. The home Depot payment department is quite punctual and does not create any delay. The individual will be going to receive the pay bi-weekly.

If you are looking forward to checking the home depot to pay then have a look at the steps mentioned below.

Steps to Home Depot Pay:

  • At the very first, visit my apron available on the main MyTHDHR website.
  • Our associate option is available. Click on it.
  • Now select the employee self-service option available.
  • After selecting the option, scroll down and click on current Associates.
  • When you click on current Associates, a new page will appear, and it will ask for ESS login information mentions the same.
    mythdhr login
  • When you are done with mentioning the information, click on the view pay statement.
  • An associate can select the date and view the pay statement easily.

This is the easiest step to follow whenever a user looks forward to checking out their home depot pay.

If you do not want yourself to be equipped with such a hassle, then you can check the balance by phone as well.

  • Phone no. 866875488


And that’s it. A user can check it anytime, anywhere. Moreover, in case there is any problem arising with credentials, they can ask the management community, and they will help them in dealing with it efficiently. It is a suggestion that does not mention the wrong credentials again and again. If the same happens then, the access will get denied.

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