What is My Apron under MyTHDHR?

The MyThDHR portal is equipped with enormous features, but my Apron option is among those which you will not find outside the home depot. Yes, you read it right. There might be a chance that you are not aware of my apron and looking forward to know about it. Then this read is for you. Here we will be going to discuss it so that you can easily understand why this portal is best for you to have.

What is My Apron?

It is the portal that is specially designed for employees so that they can easily login to it when they are present in the store to stop moreover at officially designated officers, as well as this option, is available which allows them to deal with things easily. It is also a part of THD associate portals. They can easily get all the information for details linked up with their work and career.

Benefits of My Apron Portal:

  • With my apron, there are enormous benefits available to the user. All they need to do is do the login and get access to them. The benefits available with it are as follows:
  • A user will be able to check out what is available for them considering the benefits. For some Associates available there are specific offers available which they can use later on.
  • In case you are looking forward to checking out the work schedules, the option is available.
  • A user will be able to access over salary invoice, tax details, payrolls, etc.
  • All the personal information of the employee in the record of the company will get available on this portal. A user needs to get available with login credentials.


These are the basics available for my apron under myTHDHR. It is one of the best facilities for users whenever they are looking forward to check out. Moreover, if there is any problem arising, they can simply check it on it and the next day they can ask about the same as well. It is basically an appraisal available for employees, which they receive at different times in a year.

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